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Probability Based Thinking

Access powerful tools that quantify the probability of market direction in real time.

Methodical Approach

Accurately identify key market turning points using our advanced Pathfinder Trading System.

Key Trading Skills

Learn key trading skills to enable you to respond effectively to all market conditions.

Powerful Tools

 Real Time Forex and Global Index Scanners.

Real Time alerts. Unique Trade Manager software.

Proven Systems.  Personalised Coaching.

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ChartSmart Forex Trading Scanner

  • Automatically scans 24 hours a day
  • Real time alerts
  • Up to 40 markets on one screen
  • 100% customisable to suit your trading needs
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ChartSmart Trading Scanner

Trade The USA Markets using Advanced Market Internals

  • S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq and Russell
  • Consistent intra-day and swing set ups
  • Advanced 24 hour Scanner, Templates and Indicators included
  • Trade Manager included
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ChartSmart Pathfinder Trading System

Mentorship & Coaching

  • “What do the pro’s do different?” (Hint: Everything)
  • Pro trading Skills, Techniques and Tactics
  • Technical analysis truths and myths. What really works?
  • Want different results to everyone else? Think differently to everyone else
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Mentorship & Coaching

Our Scanner scans the market 24 hours a day and alerts you in real time when a set up is present


"The support team is incredible! From coaching to technical support, the ChartSmart team has taken a real interest in my success." - JP Visser

"ChartSmart's trading software and systems have allowed me to trade Forex and the S&P 500 successfully for the first time in 4 years. The one on one attention given to me has been incredible, I can't thank you enough!"