ChartSmart Scanner – How to calculate how long a trade may last

Would you find it useful to know how long a trade might last before it reaches your target? Imagine knowing this information before you place your trade. The ChartSmart Trading Scanner provides us with extremely powerful data allowing us to calculate in advance the maximum period of time the trade is probably going to stay open for. This allows us to bring in time to the classic risk/reward calculation. Would you spend 3 weeks in the market for 30 pips of profit? Of course not, but you might be prepared to spend 5 hours in the market for 60 pips of profit. The Scanner data allows to make value based decisions incorporating time, ahead of placing our trades.

Want to know more? We offer a 30 day trial period for just $7 giving you full access to the Scanner as well as lifetime access to the Pathfinder Trading System and Pathfinder Trade Manager MT4 EA.

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