ChartSmart Trading – The Complete Trading Solution

Welcome to ChartSmart Trading!

ChartSmart Trading have the tools and techniques to make a huge impact on your trading results.

There are three main elements to the trading process:

1) Consistently find the best trade set ups

2) Have a proven approach with which to trade

3) Successful management of open trades

ChartSmart Trading has designed a complete offering which provides you the trader with powerful tools across all three components mentioned above.

Firstly, the ChartSmart Trading Scanner is designed to mathematically identify the best trade set ups for you. The scanner looks at hundreds of thousands of bars of data and alerts you in real time streaming data as soon as a set up becomes available to trade. Any Market. Any Timeframe. Not only does the Scanner find the best trades for you but it also tells you the likelihood of success of the trade, before you even place it.

Secondly, ChartSmart has designed the Pathfinder Trading System which is designed to work together with the Trading Scanner. The Pathfinder System comes with 6 preset templates, indicators and Expert advisor and provides you the trader with a proven trading system with which to trade the markets.

Finally, ChartSmart Trading has designed the Pathfinder Trade Manager Expert Adviser to help you manage your open trade. As soon as you place a trade, the Trade Manager immediately identifies the open position and starts managing the trade for you. It automatically places your stop loss and profit target orders and manages the open trade through to completion, closing the trade for you either at your profit target or at the stop loss. This allows you to get on with your day to day activities and gives you complete peace of mind that your trade is being safely managed when you can’t be at your PC managing it yourself.

The above solution comprising of the Trading Scanner, Pathfinder Trading System and the Pathfinder Trade Manager provides you the trader with a complete solution with which to approach the markets with confidence.

The Trading Scanner normally costs $79 a month however you are able to trial it on this special offer for just $7. The Pathfinder Trade System and the Pathfinder Trade Manager are yours FREE for life whenever you trial the Trading Scanner.

That’s right, for just $7 you get:

1) ChartSmart Trading Scanner for 30 days
2) Pathfinder Trading System FREE for life
3) Pathfinder Trade Manager Expert Adviser FREE for life

Finally, in addition to all the above you will also receive a 60 minute Skype consultation FREE. This consultation is offered so that we can get to meet you and discuss in more detail your trading aspirations and dreams, and how we can help you make the leap to becoming a consistently profitable trader. It also allows us to make sure that all the software you have downloaded is properly installed onto MT4 and that it is working correctly. We also discuss how to effectively use the Trading Scanner, the Pathfinder System and the Pathfinder Trade Manager Expert Advisor.

Our business is built on transparency, professionalism and trust. We know our approach works and we share our verified trading results on our Facebook page as well as our Twitter feed.

Finally, we love working with traders. We know how challenging it can be trying to find an approach you can trust. An approach that will deliver consistent results. This is why we have created this special offer, where you get access to hundreds of dollars worth of trading software and support for just $7. We want to help you achieve your trading dreams and aspirations. We know our approach can help you and we want to provide you with a risk free environment to trial our offering for yourself.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing our tools and knowledge with you!

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