Courage Under Fire

“Courage screams at us what we must do when the bullets are flying.”

Why do the smartest among us still fail as traders?

Quite simple really, we rely on our intellect for trading success, when we need to be relying on our heart and our gut.

Successful traders rely on courage, integrity and skill.

Intellect tells us what we should do in theory.

Courage screams at us what we must do when the bullets are flying.

In trading, most of our time is spent under fire. Making difficult decisions, under time pressure, with uncertain outcomes and high stakes.

It’s fine to theoretically devise a trading plan when not in the market. This is in fact important, but it’s only 10% of trading success.

Stop looking to your system for help. When the bullets are flying, it’s only you who can make the courageous decisions.

And contrary to common belief, being courageous does not mean giving up and watching your stop get hit.

If you and your system are truly tough enough to take on the relentless brutality of the market, you better make sure you can return fire after taking a number of hits.

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