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At ChartSmart we firmly believe that learning to trade is not as simple as learning a new strategy and trying to trade it. This almost always ends in frustration. You won’t find the answers you are looking for in a book or on a blog post. Everybody is reading the same books and blogs and watching the same videos.

And getting the same results.

Sometimes a slight adjustment in technique and outlook can make all the difference. We have the experience, tools, techniques and results to help you make a real change in your trading. If this really is your dream, invest in making it happen.

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One on one private coaching

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Mentorship & Coaching

We are passionate about helping traders become successful and look forward to working with you. Topics include:

  • Probability based thinking that will change your approach to the markets forever
  • Probability based tools and techniques illustrated with practical examples
  • Development of essential trading skills
  • Development of the right mindset and mental resilience required to thrive in the uncertainty that is the market
  • Customized one on one mentorship to address specific hurdles standing in your way
Mentorship & Coaching

Mentorship & Coaching

$197 per hour

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"Excellent support. From coaching to technical support, the ChartSmart team has taken a real interest in my success." - JP Visser

"ChartSmart's trading software and systems have allowed me to trade Forex and the S&P 500 successfully for the first time in 4 years. The scanner data is a game changer, I can't thank you enough."