Kingfisher Trading System


Ultimate Probability Based short term scalping system for consistent daily profits. FREE with every Scanner subscription!


The Kingfisher Trading System is designed to produce consistent ongoing income by identifying high probability turning points in the market with an average trade length of 1 hour to 24 hours. By identifying areas in the market where price is extended and exhausted at the same time we can effectively and consistently identify high probability trade setups. In addition to this the system also highlights clear profit take targets using proprietary trading software where the probability of price returning to that target is statistically in your favour.

The Kingfisher Trading System comes with its own template which can be applied to and traded on any market. Furthermore it comes with all indicators needed including a Proprietary Probability Based Bar Count Indicator and Proprietary Fully Automated Expert Advisor which will manage your trade back to its profit target whilst automatically loading your stop loss to ensure your risk is automatically managed from the moment you enter the trade.

The system also comes with a 1 hour free Skype session to go through all the Templates, Indicators and the Expert Advisor and to ensure you are comfortable with all aspects of the system. The System, Indicators and Expert Advisors are available nowhere else and offer a unique powerful approach to effectively trading the markets.

All Expert Advisors, Indicators and Templates are created for use on the MT4 trading platform.

Start generating ongoing consistent profits today!