Pathfinder Mean Reversion Trading System

Our flagship Reversion To Mean trading system

Our flagship Reversion To Mean Trading System

Easily identify trades with good Risk Reward ratio's

Optimum risk management and stop loss placement

Mean Reversion Zones clearly highlighted

Probability based Mean Reversion charting

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Pathfinder Trading System

Trading the Pathfinder trading system using probability data from the ChartSmart Trading Scanner offers an extremely powerful vehicle from which to effectively begin probability based trading.

Say goodbye to guesswork and start trading set ups and an approach that always puts the probability of success in your favor from the outset.

ChartSmart Pathfinder Trading System

The Pathfinder Trading System includes:

  • Visual chart inflection points
  • A comprehensive step by step installation manual
  • All indicators and indicator settings (including the proprietary bar count indicator)
  • Trade Management Expert Advisor to assist with automatic placement of profit targets and stop loss levels
  • 6 Preset Pathfinder chart templates
  • Designed for use with the Scanner trade alerts

Ultimate Mean Reversion Trading Scanner


"Since I have started to use the ChartSmart Trading Scanner all my trade set ups now meet a minimum probability of 85%. My trading results are unrecognizable from 12 months ago. I will never again take a trade without knowing the probability of success at the start. Thank you!" - JP Visser

"Looking at the market in terms of probabilities has totally changed my perspective. Now I am working on building my skills, especially learning to trust the process, not how I feel! For the first time I have glimpsed that this might be possible." - M. Yoko